Arsenic and Uranium Found in CT Well Water

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Arsenic in CT Well WaterIn Connecticut, recent well testing studies in several towns have shown elevated levels of both arsenic and uranium in well water. The CT Department of Public Health is now recommending residents with private wells to have their water tested at least once to check for these minerals, and then again every 5 years. Both minerals are found naturally in bedrock, but can cause problems when they leach into groundwater that feeds your well.

Uranium in CT Well WaterAre these minerals harmful?
Yes, they can be. Both are considered toxic. Arsenic is categorized as a cancer causing agent. It may also increase the risk of bladder, lung, and skin cancer. Uranium found in groundwater is less of a health concern, but could cause some issues with kidney function. These health issues could develop after many years of exposure.

Recommended levels:
Arsenic: The maximum contaminant level of Arsenic in water, according the EPA, is 0.010 parts per million, also called milligrams per liter. This also converts into 10 parts per billion, or micrograms per liter.

Uranium: The maximum contaminant level of Uranium in water, according the EPA, is 30 parts per billion, or micrograms per liter.

NOTE: Your well water will not be considered potable (drinkable) if these minerals are found in your well water. This will require treatment before proceeding with the sale.

How to treat?
It is important to have your water tested by a professional, and based on the results they can recommend treatment options. One treatment option is a Reverse Osmosis System.

We can help:
H2O Equipment Company is licensed and experienced in all well water issues. If you would like your water tested for arsenic and uranium:


Or call: 860-267-0110

We will explain the testing process to you and then review your results when they come in. If your well water is contaminated, we can provide treatment options for you and immediate installation.

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