Odor In Your Well Water – Tips and Treatment Options

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well water odor

What in the well is that smell!? When you pour a glass of water, run the water for washing dishes, or fill the water bowl for your pet, you may notice an unpleasant aroma and ask yourself this question.

Different smells mean different things. Some may be simple seasonal changes in your water, and will eventually disappear on their own. Others can signify ongoing issues that need special treatment. Find out which water problems correspond to each smell, and tips on how to fix the issue. 

“Irony” or “Metallic” Smell

  • Most common complaint from customers in CT
  • Water has actual iron in it
  • Often accompanied by orange staining in fixtures and toilets

How Do I Fix It?

Sulfur or Rotten Egg Smell

  • Water has Hydrogen Sulfide gas in it
  • Produced by Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
  • Can also be produced by Iron Bacteria 
  • Anode Rod in hot water heater is breaking down (hot water only)

How do I fix it?

Briny or Salty Smell

  • High levels of sodium in water
  • Water Softener discharging too close to well
  • Close proximity to road salt runoff during winter 
  • Clogged water softener discharge line

How do I fix it?

  • Could indicate water usage during a Water Softener regeneration
  • Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • Service water softener

Swampy or Earthy Smell

  • Surface Water has entered the well 
  • Seasonal changes have introduced organics into the water (decayed leaves, twigs, etc)

How do I fix it?

Septic or Sewer Smell

  • Clogged Water Treatment Discharge Line to Septic System
  • Issue with Septic System leeching into well

How do I fix it? 

  • Contact your Septic System Company as soon as possible!

You can always call H2O Equipment Company to ask any questions regarding odors from your water.

odor in water

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