Connecticut Water Treatment and Testing

Better Water Starts With The First Drop

Since 1967, our water treatment company has been committed to providing Connecticut residents with healthier, better tasting water. When you rely on H2O Equipment Company for your water testing, water treatment, and well pump services, you can be confident that your water is in the hands of the most trusted local water treatment company in Connecticut.


Water Testing

The first step to better water in Connecticut is to have your water tested. It’s important to know what’s in your water. That’s why we offer free water testing. We come to your home and test your water for minerals such as hardness, iron, pH level, as well as odor and color. Our experienced water testing team will give you immediate results and recommendations. We also offer additional water testing services through a certified lab.


Water Treatment

We offer a variety of water treatment options such as Water Softeners and other filtration systems to soften your water, filter and remove minerals, and keep your water safe for your family. Our Connecticut water treatment company is here to improve your water quality with water treatment equipment that is made in the USA.


Well Pumps Services/Tanks

If your well pump or pressure tank is in need of a replacement or repair, H2O Equipment Company provides our Connecticut residents with reliable well pumps and pressure tanks, made with heavy-duty stainless steel and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

From our family to yours, we truly care about the quality of your home’s water. Whether it’s our water testing, water treatment, well pump or pressure tank that you need, you can trust your Connecticut water with H2O Equipment Company.

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