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Are you ready for better water? H2O has been solving well water problems in Connecticut for over 45 years. We specialize in water treatment, water filtration, water testing, water softeners, and well pumps.

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Odor in Your Water?

The most common odor problems in CT are: Metallic – usually caused by iron and/or iron bacteria in your well water Rotten Egg – usually caused by hydrogen sulfide gas or sulfate reducing bacteria Chlorine – usually from municipal disinfectants One difficulty with odor is its fleeting nature. Sometimes the odor may be from a […]

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Water Turning Your Hair Green?

Some of us have had the unpleasant surprise of green hair.  The main cause of green hair is from dissolved copper in your water. Just like the beautiful green patina of copper planters in your garden, the copper in your water binds to your hair and turns it green. If you have blonde hair, it […]

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