Manganese in CT Well Water

Manganese in CT Well Water

Manganese is a naturally occurring mineral found in rocks, soil, organic matter from landfills, compost, brush, etc.  Manganese is leached from different sources and enters into the water.

Manganese is also a mineral necessary for a healthy human diet. But in high dosages, it can be harmful (see below for more details). Treatment is recommended at levels of .05 mg/l or higher.

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Manganese Can be Harmful at High Levels

  • The CT Dept of Public Health recently set a drinking water Action Level for manganese of 0.5 mg/l. (10 times higher than the staining level)
  • High levels of manganese have been associated with toxicity to the nervous system and can produce Parkinson symptoms
  • Young children and bottle-fed children are at higher risk due to their tendency to absorb more and excrete less manganese once it’s ingested

Frequently Asked Questions about Manganese:

What are the most common symptoms of manganese?

  • Manganese levels of 0.05 mg/l can cause:
    • Black stains in your dishwater and toilet bowl
    • Brownish-red  stains in your fixtures, clothing, and plumbing
    • Black tint to the water
    • A musty odor and taste
    • Although not as common as iron, when present, it usually co-exists with iron

How Do I Test For Manganese?

  • Call us to schedule a FREE manganese water test
  • Or, bring a water sample to a state certified lab

How Do I Remove Manganese From My Water?

There are 3 ways to remove manganese from your water:

  • ProMate 6 Water Softenerfor CT well waters, this works the best! And, since manganese often occurs with iron and hardness, the water softener will remove all three troublesome minerals at the same time.
  • Birm System (manganese dioxide) – for low levels of manganese. However, to use Birm for manganese removal, you MUST have a high pH. Otherwise, two negative consequences will occur:  1. It won’t work and 2. The Birm material itself, which is made of manganese, will add MORE manganese to your water.
  • Greensand (manganese greensand). This is our least favorite option. We no longer recommend it because it uses a purple staining chemical called potassium permanganate, which is rated a “slight physical hazard” and a “moderate health hazard”. For more information, visit this page on potassium permanganate for manganese

Is it Safe to Shower or Bathe in Well Water with Manganese?

  • Yes it is safe– manganese does not get absorbed through your skin and it does not get released into the air when you shower, so it does not increase your exposure

How Can I Protect My Family?

  • Test your water annually
  • If you test positive for manganese:
  • Follow the CT Dept of Health’s recommendation to treat manganese for aesthetic reasons at levels of 0.05 mg/l or greater and
  • Treat manganese for health reasons above 0.5 mg/l.

A ProMate 6 Water Softener is the best way to remove Manganese from your well water