Sediment and Sand in Well Water

Sediment in CT Well Water

  • It’s not usually harmful
  • It could be soil, turbidity, iron, particles, etc.
  • Small amounts can be removed by a sediment water filter

Solve your sediment problem with a Whole House Sediment Filter

Frequently Asked Questions about Sediment

How do I solve a sediment problem?

  • Most of the time, with an In-line Sediment Filter
  • Lots of sediment might require a Well Pump Screen

How much sediment is a lot?

  • Any amount can cause clogging or wear and tear
  • If you can see it, it’s a problem and you should install a filterSediment in CT Water

How often should I change my sediment filter?

  • Minimally, about every three months
  • If you are changing your filter every few weeks, you may have a serious sediment problem. Call us to evaluate your situation.

Will a sediment filter remove iron?

  • Yes, but only iron in particle form and in small amounts
  • Most iron from the well is NOT in particle form

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