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Water Treatment Services in Connecticut

Water is among our most basic needs. We use the water in our homes for cooking, drinking, bathing and keeping our yards green. But, sometimes you will find that your Connecticut well water needs some help before you can happily use it straight out of the tap for all of your household needs. A few of the ways we can improve the water in your home are:

Water Softening

Do you find that your dishes don't rinse well? Do you need to use large amounts of soap or shampoo to get suds in the shower? Have you had problems with coffee makers that clog and break? Your problem could be hard water.

Well water is considered hard when the content of minerals like calcium and magnesium are high. Because of Connecticut's bedrock, hard water is extremely common in the state. Signs of hard water include:

  • Bathtub rings
  • Soap scum left behind in bathtubs or sinks
  • Pipes that get clogged with mineral build-up
  • White spots on shower doors and dishes
  • Higher water heating costs due to mineral buildup
  • Clogged shower heads
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Dull, frizzy hair

A simple test can reveal your water's mineral content. A water softener works by exchanging pesky hard water minerals with potassium or sodium, allowing your appliances to work more efficiently and protecting your pipes. And you spend less time cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom!

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Iron Filtering

High iron content in your water can leave behind red and orange stains in your bathtub, sink and your clothes – basically anything your iron loaded water touches. It can also cause your well water to have a harsh and metallic taste. If you taste “copper pennies” when you drink your water – you could have iron in your water. By filtering out the iron, you can make your drinking water more pleasant to use and eliminate irritating rust stains. Mother Nature puts the iron in your water – but we can take it out!

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Odor Removing Sulfur System

Does your water sometimes have a smell reminiscent of rotten eggs? Do you dread drinking it or brushing your teeth with it? This can be due to high sulfur content. Our sulfur removing water treatment system instantly takes hydrogen sulfur out of the water without the use of added chemicals.

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Acidic Water Solutions

In some cases, the pH balance of your well water is off, causing a metallic taste and worse still - potential damage to your pipes and appliances. How would you know? If your water tastes like copper or metal, it might very well be your copper pipes being dissolved by the acid water. And the tell-tale sign is blue-green stains in your bathroom. That is the pretty copper hue from your pipes dissolving. When you have acid water, investing in a water treatment system to neutralize acid water is a smart move. Not only will it protect your pipes but it will greatly improve the taste of your water.

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Safe Drinking Water

Is your water safe? You can’t answer that because you really don’t know unless you test it or treat it. Our water treatment services in Connecticut can also include services to make your water safer and healthier for your family. Ultraviolet light treatments can kill micro-organisms. Reverse osmosis and radon mitigation can remove harmful chemicals and minerals, leaving behind fresh, clean, safe-to-drink water for your family and your pets.

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Sediment Filters

Dealing with gritty sediment? We have a fantastic, easy to change sediment filter that has TWO filters in one. That means it filters out MORE sediment than other types AND it maintains a better flow rate - leaving behind fresh and clear water for your family.

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Water Testing

Testing your residential well water is as easy as 1, 2,3! Call us for a FREE in home water test for common CT water problems such as iron, hardness, acid water, pH problems, sulfur, manganese, sediment, calcium and magnesium. If you are worried about the safety of your water, we can sample your water and send it out to our lab partner for a reduced fee. Either way, we can get you the information you need to make an informed decision on how to best take care of your family, pets and home.

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