ACID Neutralizer SYSTEMS

About Acid Neutralizers:

An Acid Neutralizer protects your plumbing AND your family’s health. Acidic water, (when the pH is below 7.0), is considered very corrosive – and will slowly dissolve copper and lead from your pipes, fixtures, and plumbing.

Corrosive acidic water leads to two big problems:

  1. Leaky pipes AND
  2. Unhealthy drinking water with potentially serious health risks

Per the EPA, children, infants and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to lead contamination. If ingested, it can cause damage to the nervous system, brain, kidneys, and can lead to learning disabilities and other serious health problems.

Acid water is no friend to you or your plumbing.

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Benefits of An Acid Neutralizer from H2O

A Neutralizer takes the worry away by balancing your water’s pH. Neutral water means no lead and copper leached from your pipes into your drinking water and no risk of pin-hole leaks. And there are other benefits too!

A neutralizer will also:

  • Eliminate blue-green copper stains from your shower walls, bathtubs and sinks
  • Improve the taste of your water AND your food – from metallic to delicious
  • Help to balance the pH of your water which improves hair dye coloring
  • Protect your copper pipes from developing pin-hole leaks
  • Stop your colored hair from turning blue-green
  • Give you peace of mind

How Does a Neutralizing System Work?

Simple. Water enters the softener tank - where millions of tiny beads grab hold of the hardness and iron. When the beads get full, your system cleans itself at night while you sleep. Could it be easier?

Simply and effectively.  

The most common and recommended way to adjust your water’s pH is with a Limestone Neutralizing System, called a “Neutralizer.” Our Neutralizer has a 54-inch-tall tank and a control valve on top.

The process is easy as 1, 2, 3 and you don’t have to do a thing!

  1. Your acidic well water is directed into the mineral tank which is filled with limestone.
  2. As the water passes through the minerals, it slowly dissolves the limestone which raises the pH and alkalinity toward a neutral 7. 
  3. Every week or so, your system automatically cleans itself at night while you sleep.

A second method, using a chemical feed pump and a solution tank, is also available. It does require routine maintenance and occasionally priming of the chemical feed pump. That is typically used if your well’s pH is below 5.5.

Acid Neutralizer System for House Water
Burst Water Pipe

Important Tips!

  • Every year – H2O will need to refill the tank with limestone.
  • No limestone – no neutralizing. So, it’s important to keep your tank full.
  • A Neutralizer will NOT correct pipes that are already damaged.

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