Hard Water in CT

Hard Water in CT

The same “rock” that clogs your shower head also sticks to your body, clothes, hair, and anywhere hard water is present.

The Truth about Hard Water

  • Hard water is very expensive
  • Hard water is NOT a health risk
  • It means you have dissolved rock in your water
  • This rock – which you can’t see, wants to come back out as rock and coat EVERYTHING
  • Hard water is NOT iron


Hard Water in CT

Signs of Hard Water:

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Clogged shower heads
  • Unmanageable hair that feels like straw
  • Wasted soap- and the bubbles don’t last
  • Soap scum in your shower
  • White deposits on and around your shower doors, faucets and sinks.
  • Grey bath water, dingy clothes and off-colored tea
  • Stiff clothing with lots of lint in the lint drawer

Frequently Asked Questions about Hard Water

I like my hard water. Why should I soften it?

  • You may THINK you like it, but it’s a bigger problem than you realize
  • Each 5 grains of hardness causes a 4% loss of efficiency in gas water heaters
  • Hardness shortens the life of the heating element
  • Softened water allows you to use 20 to 40% less soap and detergent
  • Shower heads on 20-grain hard water lose 75% of their flow rate in less than 18 months!
  • Hard water deposits coat your skin, hair, clothes, dishes- everything

Why does my soft water feel slippery?

  • That slippery feeling is not soap
  • It’s your soft skin that’s no longer coated with rock
  • Your natural oils are now allowed to come to the surface

Will my water taste salty once it’s softened?

  • Almost never, but a softener does add some salt to the water if you use sodium chloride
  • You can use potassium chloride instead, which is a salt substitute and will add some potassium to the water

Hardness in Connecticut Well Water


Hard water is expensive. In an independent study, Softeners were rated among the ‘VERY BEST’ household energy savers.
This report shows the highlights: www.wqa.org

To see a landmark study (251 pages!) on the POSITIVE effects of a Water Softener, with lots of graphs and pictures, go to: www.wqa.org/pdf

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