Many people here in Connecticut have acidic drinking water in their homes and don’t even realize it. Having acidic water simply means that the pH levels of your water are below 7.0, which is neutral.


  • Blue green stains
  • Metallic tasting water
  • Elevated levels of copper and lead
  • Corrosion to your pipes or damage to your plumbing
  • Pinhole leaks due to corrosion

Using an alkaline water scale, we can detect if your pH levels are too low. Call us for a free water test to find out the level of acidity in your water, especially if you are noticing acidic water problems. Acidic water has a low pH below 7.0. Alkaline water has a high pH above 7.0. The State of CT Dept of Public Health recommends a pH between 6.4 and 10 units.

This water problem is simple to solve with a water neutralizer. An acid neutralizer system helps balance out your water's pH levels. As your water passes through the minerals inside this home water treatment, it slowly dissolves the limestone which raises the pH.


Do I really need to treat low pH water?

  • Absolutely. Once you see blue-green stains, the damage to your pipes has begun.
  • You will eventually get leaks in your copper plumbing.
  • You CAN’T undo the damage - but you can prevent further damage.
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What do the pH numbers mean ?

  • pH is measured on a scale from 0 to 14
  • A pH of 7 is Neutral
  • pH is measured on a logarithmic scale
  • There is a huge difference between a Neutral 7 and an Acidic 6
  • Think of a pH of 7 as if you just ate one hamburger and you are perfectly full
  • A pH of 6.0 would be like eating 10 more hamburgers
  • A pH of 5.0 is like eating 100 more hamburgers. There is a BIG difference!

Does a low pH add copper and lead to my water?

  • Yes, it can.
  • Acidic water can leach copper and lead from your pipes, solder and fixtures.

How do I treat acidic water ?

  • You call H2O, of course!
  • We can install a neutralizer system to “neutralize” the acidic water.

See our water neutralizer options or contact us today with any questions or concerns. Be sure also to check out our pH scale below.