DROP Leak Protection

Connecticut Radon Systems


H2O Equipment is proud to offer the DROP line of leak detection and prevention technology.

Water damage affects almost 14,000 people every day across the United States. Don’t be one of those statistics! The DROP leak detector is discreet, wireless and can be placed almost anywhere in the home. It senses not only if there is water nearby, but temperature as well (useful in Connecticut where freezing temperatures are a guarantee).

In the event water is detected, or the temperature is outside the specified range, the DROP will message the homeowner through real time notifications. A free, user friendly App is all you need to stay in contact, and is available for both Apple and Android systems.

In the event water is detected by the DROP, it will immediately shut off water to your home, all while alerting you to what is going on.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation on how to best protect your home and keep what starts as a simple leak from becoming a monster flood!