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Once on site – it usually takes about 2-3 hours to replace your new well pump.


Rest assured, we are licensed and certified by CT Dept of Consumer Protection. Since 1967. Backed by a 100 Day Labor Warranty and a 5 Year Pump Warranty.

Residential Submersible Pump Replacement

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Emergency Services Include:

  • No water in the house
  • Water suddenly stopped
  • Pump runs but no water
  • Pump runs then stops
  • Pump broke
  • Pump trips the breaker
  • No water after lightning storm
  • Pump shuts on and off
  • Pump runs all the time (and higher than normal electric bills)
  • Pump is too loud
  • Air in your water or water sputters
  • Broken Well Pipe
  • Check out our WELL SERVICES for other services we provide

Our Standard Submersible Well Pump Installation Includes:

  • Stainless steel submersible well pump – other companies use resin / plastic
  • Stainless steel male adapter – other companies use plastic
  • Torque arrestor – to stabilize the pump in well
  • Heat shrink kits – watertight wire connections
  • Electrical Tape
  • Cable guides – to protect the wire from abrasions
  • New Well Cap – required by code
  • Well wire inspection
  • Well pipe inspection
  • Well sanitization – required by code
  • 100-day labor guarantee
  • 5-year pump warranty
  • We proudly use Franklin Electric Submersible Pumps


AFTER a pump job, do NOT run the well water through your water treatment equipment. The water is TOO dirty. Run the water from your garden hose (20 minutes on, 20 minutes off) until your water runs clean and clear. Otherwise, you will damage your water treatment equipment resulting in HUNDREDS of dollars in repair work.

Well Pump Replacement Work
Well Pump Tanks

Submersible Well Pump vs. Jet Pump

A submersible well pump is installed IN your well.

The average CT homeowner will install a 5 or 7 GPM (gallon per minute) pump that is either a ½ hp, ¾ hp, or 1 hp (horsepower). We always use a 7 GPM pump unless otherwise indicated. Most people prefer a submersible pump over a jet pump because it provides better water pressure and you never need to prime the pump.

A submersible pump typically lasts 10-15 years and costs between $1,500 and $2,100 to replace it.

Shallow and Deep Well Jet Pumps are NOT installed in your well but are located above ground, usually in your basement or garage.

A Shallow Well Jet Pump – is for wells that are 25 feet or LESS.
A Deep Well Jet Pump - is for wells that are deeper than 25 feet.
For our CT service area – the horsepower is typically ½ hp, ¾ hp or 1 hp.

We proudly use Goulds Jet Pumps.

No Water DIY? Try These 4 Things First

1. Check your breakers – Flip it on, off and back on. It should be labeled “well,” “well pump,” “pump.”

If this works but it trips again – then there is a pump problem.

2. Check your pressure gauge on your pressure tank (well tank). If it reads zero then you are out of water, have a low flow switch, or your pump is broken. (Or your gauge is broken.)

3. If you have a low flow switch – the grey box located at your pressure tank – lift the lever UP to the START position and hold for 10 seconds until the pressure gauge reads 40. Then, don’t use any water for 2-3 hours until the well recovers and fills back up. Note: Not all boxes have a lever.

4. High water use? Did you fill your pool? Leave the outside spigot on? Did you water your gardens for more than 30 minutes? Did you pressure wash your home? Are we in a drought?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, stop using any water. Wait 2-3 hours to see if your well recovers and fills back up. Then try running your water again.

Well Pump Tank Components

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Your submersible well pump and jet pumps are essential in keeping your water flowing from your tap. So it’s important to have a team of emergency water services experts on hand when you need them. At H2O, our team of water treatment experts will help you with any well pump emergency services installation questions or concerns. From well pipe inspections to well sanitization and more, we offer a variety of pump installation services.

We understand how frustrating and dangerous a broken well pump can be. If we can’t help you over the phone, our CT licensed pump professional will come and diagnose your problem, provide an affordable solution, and solve your pump problem on the spot.

We offer upfront pricing and over-the-phone estimates, so you’re never surprised by a bill after the fact. We pride ourselves on honest service at a reasonable price.

With H2O, you can rest assured, as our work is backed by a 100 Day Labor Warranty and a 5 Year Pump Warranty. Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding your well pump.