Coliform Bacteria

Coliform Bacteria in CT Well Water

  • Coliform Bacteria – is an indicator bacteria which means it COULD be a disease causing pathogen
  • E.coli Bacteria (Escherichia coli) means you DO have fecal matter in your water.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bacteria

My water tested positive for Coliform Bacteria. What do I do next?

  • Chlorinate your well
  • Then retest for bacteria
  • If the second test is positive – chlorinate the well again and retest
  • If the third is positive, consider installing an Ultra Violet Light SystemColiform Bacteria in CT
  • You should always try to determine the source of contamination

Who performs bacteria tests?

H2O can test for bacteria for a fee, if you are in our service area.

Or, contact a Certified Laboratory

How can I protect my well water?

  • Test annually for bacteria
  • Install a bug proof, code compliant, water tight well cap
  • Make sure your well casing is at least 15 inches above ground
  • The ground must slope AWAY from your well casing to keep surface water out
  • Any time your well is serviced – make sure the well is chlorinated.
  • Avoid using fertilizers, pesticides, gasoline, etc. near your well.

How often should I test my water for bacteria?

UV System for Coliform Bacteria in Well Water

Trojan UV Max D4

  • The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health recommends that you test your water semi-annually (spring/fall) for total coliform bacteria, nitrate, pH, sodium, turbidity and color.
  • The safest solution is to install an Ultra Violet Light System.

Why use H2O Equipment Company to solve your coliform bacteria problem?

Coliform Bacteria in Well Water

Because we give you honest advice on how to solve your problem. It’s not uncommon for residential well water to have bacteria, especially when the well has been dormant for a while. We will take you step by step through the process.

View this free download for well water disinfection myths related to bacteria.

Disinfection Myths for Well Water