Iron in Well Water pipes in CT

Iron Staining in CT Well Water

Connecticut well water has some of the country’s worst iron problems.

4 Quick Facts About Iron in Your Water:

1. The good news – it’s not harmful
2. The bad news – it stains everything
3. And…it doesn’t go away
4. It usually co-exists with manganese which stains your dishwasher black.


Listen, iron in your water can be difficult to treat. Our company has a proven track record. We utilize cutting-edge technology and give you straightforward answers to your water problems.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iron

What is iron?

  • Iron is an element found naturally in the ground. CT has lots of it!

Some people confuse iron with hardness, but they are not the same:

  • Iron causes red and orange stains
  • Hardness leaves white spots, soap scum and makes it hard to make soap bubbles.
Iron Stains and Well Water Rust

Iron and Hard Water stains from the Battelle Study for WQA. May 1, 2009

How do I remove iron and rust stains from my clothing, bathtub, dishwasher, sinks and toilet bowl?

  • Don’t use bleach. It makes it worse. And don’t put the stained clothes in the dryer- that sets the stain.
  • Try products that contain sodium hydrosulfite such as RUST OUT or IRON OUT.
  • Try products that contain oxalic acid like WHINK.
  • These products work great but smell very strong- so be careful. Also, be sure to rinse well. The products can bleach fabric if you leave any residue.

Should I drill a deeper well or a new well?

  • You can, BUT there is absolutely no guarantee the new or deeper well will have better water quality. In fact, it could be worse.
  • If you run out of water, call us for more information to help

My next door neighbor has better water. How is that possible?

  • Your well is fed with underground veins called aquifers.
  • Each aquifer can cause a different water problemConnecticut Well Water Aquifers


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Remember, when it comes to solving iron water problems, especially in Connecticut, WHO you buy from is just as important as WHAT you buy. So why not choose the BEST?