Blue Green Stains in Shower

Blue-Green Stains – That’s Acidic Water

Acidic water is corrosive to your pipes, which then leaves blue green stains in your fixtures. This causes the water to taste bitter and metallic, and can increase the amount of copper and lead in your drinking water. Because the acid is eating away at your pipes, it can eventually cause pin-hole leaks.

Acidic water means a low pH BELOW 7.0. The State of CT Dept of Public Health recommends a pH between 6.4 and 10 units

Frequently Asked Questions about Acidic Water:

How do I treat acidic water?

  • We recommend a Water Neutralizer to “neutralize” the acidic water.
  • The media inside the tank acts as a buffer so the acidic water does not eat your pipes, it eats the media
  • Learn more about Acid Neutralizers

Why do I need to treat water with a low pH?Water Neutralizers for Stains

  • Blue green stains are a nuisance to clean
  • You will eventually get leaks in your copper plumbing


Check out the pH scale below:

Blue-Green in shower

Call H2O to prevent further blue green staining and damage to your pipes!