How Much Water Should Be in My Brine Tank

Posted on 03. Feb, 2011 by in All Blogs, Brine Tank

Your brine tank, or salt tank, should NEVER be full of water. The amount of water that should be in the brine tank depends on if you have a “wet” brine tank or “dry” brine tank.

Traditional and older softening systems have brine tanks with water inside at all times. These “wet” tanks usually have about 3-6 gallons, which is about 6-10 inches of water, even between your regeneration or cycle days. When you have salt in the tank, you may not be able to see the water. But, if you see the tank half full of water, it usually means a mechanical problem or a frozen drain line.

The newer systems, especially the digital valves, only have water in the brine tank an hour or two before the softener goes through a cycle. These “dry” tanks should not have water in them between cycles.

How can you know which you have? You can’t tell by looking at your valve. The best way to know is to call the water treatment company who installed it. If you recently purchased a newer system, you might have changed from a “wet” to “dry” brine. That is the latest trend in water softening.

Below are examples of brine tanks:

Brine Tank WaterWater in Brine Tank for SoftenerWet Brine or Dry Brine


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