Well Pump Service in CT

When you turn on your faucet you expect water to come out of it. It’s probably something you don’t even realize you take for granted – until one day, you turn your faucet on, and nothing comes out! Water is a necessity of life, and without a properly functioning well pump, you are going to have a hard time getting any of it from your well and into your home.

Lucky for you, H20 Equipment Company has been getting Connecticut residents their water back quickly since 1967. In most situations, our quality well pump services in Connecticut can be completed the same day you call, because we understand the important role water plays in your life.

When it comes to well pumps, CT residents will either have a submersible pump or a jet pump, and we specialize in both:


Submersible Pumps

If your CT well pump is located inside of your well, then you have a submersible pump. We work primarily with the Franklin Electric submersible well pump because of its superior quality and well thought out details. It features a hydraulic design that maximizes the water and pressure output even at deeper depths. The Franklin well pump also contains bearings and a shaft sleeve specifically designed to minimize the wear and tear the pump receives from sand or other abrasives that may enter your well water.

The stainless steel components in the Franklin submersible well pump are extremely durable and will even last in acidic water. The exclusive motor system is also resistant to corrosion. Our Franklin submersible well pump comes with a one-year warranty against defects (parts only, 30-day labor warranty), but you can be assured that your new CT well pump will last much, much longer.


Jet Pumps

If your well water is located in your basement, then you most likely have a 1 pipe or 2 pipe jet pump. For this situation, we feature the Goulds brand. The Goulds jet pump is well known in the industry for its heavy-duty stainless steel shaft, compact design, protected mechanical seal, and corrosion resistant pump. It also includes a one-year warranty against defects, but again, the pump will last for many years to come.

No matter which type of well pump your Connecticut home uses, we will be able to repair or replace it quickly and affordably. We even offer emergency well pump services seven days a week, so you never have to worry about being without water.