Water Testing – What Does Low pH Water Mean?

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In the water testing world, pH means acidity. It’s a way to describe water’s ability to dissolve or not dissolve metals. Low pH means that on a pH scale, your water fell below a neutral 7. The pH scale indicates degrees of acidity and alkalinity. Kind of like a thermometer.

  • Any number BELOW 7 means the water is acidic.
  • Any number ABOVE 7 means the water is alkaline.
  • The number 7 means neutral.
  • The full scale is 0 through 14.

One important distinction between a normal thermometer and the pH scale is the scale itself. In the pH world, one number BELOW 7 (pH of 6) means the water is TEN TIMES more acidic than a neutral 7. And two numbers BELOW 7 (pH of 5) means the water is a whopping ONE HUNDRED TIMES more acidic then a neutral 7.

It’s like mighty mouse. Small, but very powerful.

What happens if you drink water with a low pH? The EPA recommends a water pH of 6.5 to 8.5. Any water that falls outside of that range should be treated.

What Causes Low pH levels In Water?  

Nature and man-made causes such as emissions (acid rain), agricultural and industrial processes can increase and decrease pH. Nature tends to regulate pH somewhat. Unusually high and low pH levels can indicate man made pollutants and causes.

How Do You Treat Low pH In Water?

Your whole house can be simply treated with a Neutralizer Tank. The untreated water flows through a mineral tank bedded with crushed marble. The marble is slowly dissolved –like a giant tums for your well water. Every year, the marble needs to be replenished. Learn more about Acid Neutralizers here

What Are Common Signs Of A Low pH?

  • Blue or green stains in your showers, sinks, toilets
  • Blonde hair may turn a greenish color
  • Pinhole leaks in your pipes
  • Metallic tasting water


Here is a helpful table with more information:

Symptoms Treatment
Low pH (Below 6.5) Corrosion, blue green staining, pinhole leaks in plumbing, sour and metallic taste Acid Neutralizer, Chemical Feed Pump
High pH (Above 8.5) Bitter taste, slippery feel to water, white deposits Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Get your water tested by a local water treatment company or your local lab. H2O offers free water testing, so you can call us if you are concerned about acidic water. You can also bring a cold water sample to our office in East Hampton CT and we can test your pH for free.