Water Treatment and Testing Services in Hartford County, CT

Every community needs access to healthy and safe water. Those in Hartford County CT and the surrounding area can always rely on H2O Equipment for water treatment and testing. The services we provide in Hartford County are home water treatment, water testing, well water services, and more.

H2O Equipment has proudly served Hartford County, CT for over 50 years. Our experienced team of water treatment experts is devoted to improving your water quality. Contact us today to handle your water service and treatment needs.

Why Is Water Treatment So Important?

As a homeowner, you want to make sure your water problems are taken care of. H2O is a reliable water treatment company that services many towns and counties in Connecticut. You consume water from your property every day – from kitchen water, bathroom water, or water from another source. You and your family use water to bathe, drink, cook, clean, and even for your pets. However, if your water is harboring contaminants, you could be dealing with a serious health and safety risk. Be sure to ask about our water testing services that include lab water tests for contaminants like bacteria and radon.

Many Hartford County residents and other surrounding towns have hard water, which can create a residue on your fixtures, cause excess wear on your appliances, and prevent soaps and cleaning products from working as they should. If you have hard water issues, you should contact H2O Equipment about professional water softening services. You can often identify hard water with signs like excess soap scum in your sinks or bathtubs, clogged showerheads, and the formation of white spots on dishes or shower doors. We can also test the hardness level of your water and recommend the best water treatment options.

Connecticut Water Treatment Services

H2O Equipment provides a wide range of treatment services to its customers in the Hartford County region. Some of our most popular water treatment services include:

Pumps, Tanks, and Other Equipment

Do you know if your well pressure tank or well pump are operating efficiently or effectively? Every home with well water will have a pump and tank. If they are not working properly, it can lessen your water pressure, or lead to no water emergencies where you are left without any water coming from the faucet. H2O Equipment offers 24/7 emergency well water services to repair your equipment and restore your service as soon as possible. This includes emergency well pump services, as well as emergency tank services.

Are you looking to increase the water pressure throughout your entire property? You may consider installing a water pressure booster pump. This service offered by H2O Equipment is a simple way to achieve city-style water pressure, even if you have well water.

Well Water Services in Hartford County, CT

For high-quality well water services including well chlorination, finding a buried well, or well yield test, get in touch with H2O Equipment today. Our team includes well water system experts, who have the tools and knowledge to install equipment, perform repairs, and conduct annual maintenance. Together, we’ll keep your systems operating at peak performance.

Ensuring the quality of your well water is essential for protecting your health. At H2O Equipment, we’ll test multiple factors, including:

  • pH level
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Sediment content
  • Hard water

Contact H2O Equipment for Water Treatment in Hartford County

For 50 years, Hartford County has relied on H2O Equipment to provide the most reliable water treatment services in the area. With our team’s dedication to customer service and water safety, we hope to continue doing so for the next 50 years. When you turn to H2O Equipment to install, maintain, or test your water treatment systems, you can be sure you are getting quality water from the tap and free of any harmful substances for you and your home. Our experts provide a variety of services to ensure the quality of your water. Contact us today for your water treatment solutions in Hartford County, CT.