Water Treatment and Testing in Middlesex County

If you’re looking for a trusted water service provider in Middlesex County, CT, there’s no one better than H2O Equipment Company. We proudly provide the top water treatment and testing services in the region.

The residents of Middlesex County and its surrounding communities have relied on H2O Equipment for over 50 years. We make it simple for local property owners to receive the most effective water treatment systems available, including high efficiency acid neutralizer systems, water softeners, exchange tanks, sulfur systems, and more.

At H2O Equipment, our goal is to provide quality, healthy and safe water services to anyone in the Middlesex County, Connecticut area. Alongside our general home water treatment services, we also offer well water services, well water testing, water inspection, and other water services. Our team is made up of experts in all things well water systems, making H2O Equipment the go-to water services provider for those in Middlesex County’s rural communities.


Why Is Water Treatment So Essential?

We all need water to stay healthy, but contaminated water can come with some negative consequences.

Day in and day out, Middlesex County residents are coming into contact with water that they use and consume within their homes. You drink water that comes out of your kitchen tap, use bathroom water to shower every day, and the list goes on. You’re using water all the time, and it’s important that this water doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals or other contaminants, such as bacteria or radon. Throughout your home, it’s vital that all the water is clean and properly tested for issues.

Alternatively, if your water contains high amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium, you could end up seeing damage to your appliances. You may also see iron staining in your sinks and showers. When water has a high mineral content that isn’t counteracted by a water softening system, appliances like coffee makers could become clogged and broken.

To receive the best water treatment services in Middlesex County and its surrounding communities, be sure to get in touch with the experts at H2O Equipment today.

We Install, Maintain, and Repair Water Treatment Equipment

To ensure your water quality is up to your standards and safe to drink throughout your home, you will need a water test to determine what minerals or contaminants may be in your water. Based on the water test, we can recommend a wide range of equipment. H2O can install new and repair existing water treatment equipment.

Our team will help ensure that your home’s water filters, tanks, pressure tanks, and other water treatment systems are running effectively and efficiently. That way, you can rest assured that your home is receiving the best water quality possible.

Plus, if you’re dealing with an issue like a damaged or broken well pump, this could compromise your access to water. This is why H2O Equipment offers 24/7 emergency repair services to our customers. Whenever you need a piece of equipment repaired or replaced after an emergency, we’ll always have someone on the phone to answer your call. Before you know it, our team of technicians will arrive at your property to handle the urgent issue with your equipment.

Superior Water Treatment in Middlesex County, CT

The next time you require water treatment or testing services in Middlesex County, CT, don’t hesitate to reach out to H2O Equipment. We offer emergency repair or replacement services, ensuring you have access to water even when facing a water-related emergency, such as a broken well pump.

Contact H2O Equipment today for more information.