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Connecticut Water Treatment ReviewsH2O Equipment Company is proud to receive positive reviews from current as well as new customers in CT, about our water treatment equipment, such as water softeners and water neutralizers, well pumps, filtration options, as well as our technicians and the company as a whole.

Read through our company reviews for water treatment service and installation!

Josh was wonderful and very efficient! I am very happy he came to my home so quickly to remedy the problem.
-Ron, East Hampton CT

Thank you for coming out to do my well pump. Jim was very courteous, nice and efficient. They also cleaned up the well when the job was done.
-William, Bolton CT

Keith is a wonderful representative of your company. I was unhappy with Culligan and had the opportunity to get a second opinion and even though the price was a little higher, it was not even a decision since Keith was so great!
-Russ, Marlborough CT

The technician was very courteous and kind. He was quite helpful and answered all of our questions.
-Joan, East Haddam CT

The technician that came to my home was very nice, polite and respectful.
Joanne, Marlborough CT

I am very happy with the technician’s work, he was a hard worker and pulled up my well pump by hand!
-Joe, Moodus CT

It was a pleasure to have H2O install my water treatment system in my home. I will recommend their company to everyone.
Charles DeMartino, Old Saybrook CT

Chad, the technician that came to my house, was awesome! He has an excellent attitude and is very professional. He solved my problem right away and has great work ethic.
-Preston, Westbrook CT

Justin ws great, he explained everything about the Softener system and Sediment filter. He cleaned up, and was very neat. I am very happy with my experience!
-Scott, East Haddam CT

I commend H2O Equipment Company for their excellent team. The technicians are always professional, informative, and educational. They are all-around pleasant too!
-Deb C., East Hampton CT

Everyone from the salesman to the installer was wonderful to deal with. They were very polite and thorough.
-Pamela, Rockfall CT

The technicians were great and professional. I am very happy with H2O’s service!
-Mark, Salem CT

I was very satisfied with the evaluation of my water and the company found the cause of my water problems and explained all of my options to me. H2O was highly recommended to me by my neighbor.
-Jean Derby, Hebron CT

I cannot be more grateful to H2O and all the prompt, expert service you all have provided. The service manager is the BEST! I have recommended your company to the new folks who will be purchasing my home. Thank you!
-Ann, East Hampton CT 

The technician was so nice! I also liked that he was wearing an H2O t-shirt. I am happy to have H2O come to my house every year!
Nelly, Essex CT

The technician was phenomenal. He answered all of my questions and explained my water treatment system in detail. He is welcome in my home anytime!
-Randall, East Hampton CT

The technician that was at my house is a great employee! He took his time and answered questions about the well chlorination and other water treatment questions I had.
-Gary Jonas, Coventry CT

The Service Manager at H2O is super nice and wonderful to deal with. I was so happy with him. My house has a complicated water treatment set up, and he made me feel comfortable and confident in the work that was done.
-Maria, Portland CT

I am very happy with this company and the work quality. The technician was very professional, answered all of my questions, and provided so much information.
-Wendy & Gary, East Haddam CT

The exchange tank driver is very neat, clean, respectful of our property, and has a great personality. We enjoy having him as our water tank service person.
-Edward, Moodus CT

The technician really knew what he was doing. He installed everything exactly where I wanted it. My water is definitely a lot softer with the new Digital Water Softener.
-Chris Hansen, Bolton CT

H2O did a great job. I was very happy with the response time. They came out and tested my water, made a recommendation and I had a Radon system installed in 3 days!
-Maureen Shiner, Glastonbury CT

I am totally happy [with the new Water Neutralizer and Softener]. The entire process was great. All of the staff was wonderful and my tenant is very happy as well.
Jeff Adams, Colchester CT

The technician was very personable, knowledgeable, tidy, and neat. I felt comfortable having him at my home. The office staff was also very nice and the company clearly pays attention to detail.
-Gary, East Hampton CT

The customer service and overall experience was very good. Our water feels much better now with our new Water Softener!
-Nancy, Brooklyn CT

H2O answered all of my questions and took care of my iron and hard water problems right away!
-Kim, East Hampton CT

The installer was friendly, quick and the install of my new Carbon System looks great! H2O showed up when they said they would and I was very happy about that.
-Tim Fisher, East Hampton CT

The H2O technicians were very nice and very knowledgeable. They left my home the way they found it. My water quality is much better.
-Don Ludington, Guilford CT

We are very happy with our new Water Softener and Neutralizer. Our water is perfect. Everything has been great from the staff to the follow up afterwards.
-Susan Erwin, Bolton CT

The technician was an excellent worker, explained everything about the new well water pump and well pressure tank in detail and has treated our home like it is his own.
-Nancy, Old Lyme CT

The technician was very polite and professional and the installation of my new Water Softener was done perfectly. Everything was fantastic. H2O is a great family company and they always do a wonderful job.
-Robert Davis, Amston CT

The technician was on time to install my Water Neutralizer and Water Softener systems and was very polite. We have been using H2O since the day we bought our house. They are always honest and responsive.
-James Oneil, Colchester CT

I am very happy with the service from H2O. The technicians always explain everything and are very thorough.
-Mark, Killingworth CT

The installer did a great job. H2O would be the first water treatment company I would recommend to call. My water quality is definitely much better.
-Greg Butler, East Hampton CT

The water is beautiful after the installation of my new exchange tank water softener . Everything and everyone was great. I am very pleased!
-Allen Heller, East Hampton CT

Everyone at H2O Equipment Company was friendly, pleasant, prompt and respectful. They were very knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable asking questions about my water. Everything looks great!”
-Amanda, South Glastonbury CT

Our water is a lot better since the installation of our new water treatment systems. It tastes better, feels softer and is not orange anymore. Overall we were very pleased!
-Erika Datri, Colchester CT

I was impressed that H2O was able to come to our house right away, identify the water problem and address it right away. I would absolutely recommend H2O. They are very reliable and I have used them for a long time and have always been very satisfied!
-Lorraine Paneccasio, Madison CT

We chose H2O because the people are great, the consultant was by far the best we have had out to our home. The installer provided wonderful service and went above and beyond.We are very happy.
-Mike, Franklin CT

Thank you for sending a technician to my home for the leak. He was very careful and conscientious. You should be pleased with him as an employee!
-Hope, Brooklyn CT

The technician that came to my house for the water treatment installation was great. He is a hard worker who knows what he is doing and a very nice guy. I also really liked working with the consultant, he did a great job letting me know what I needed for water treatment equipment.
-Michael, Marlborough CT

The technician worked very hard, cleaned everything up and was very neat! He was well mannered, and I can’t say enough good things about him. I would refer H2O to anyone!
-Ann, East Hampton CT

I am very happy with H2O’s service. They come out every year for water treatment service. The technician did a great job and was very nice!
-Margaret, Waterford CT

H2O showed up on time, completed the job quickly, and cleaned up at the end. This is very important these days! H2O is always very nice and the technicians are very courteous.
-Lauren Clark, Colchester CT

The installation was done quickly and the water is a lot better already!
-William Comstock, Colchester CT

The technician was an excellent representation of H2O. He is polite, professional, neat, did a beautiful job with the installation. He is so nice to! We are so glad we went with a new Water Softener and Water Neutralizer system, they are so much better. I can’t wait to take an iron and odor free shower!
-Barbara, Colchester

Our install was done fast, H2O provided great service and the technician was very polite. They took time to answer all of my questions.
-Janet, East Haddam CT

The technician was very professional and did a great job. The quality of my water is already better. The company is fantastic and provides great customer service which is hard to find these days!
-Timothy Barkyoumb, West Granby CT

The technicians did a great job. They worked all day and came to my home after hours to replace my pump. H2O is very lucky to have them as employees.
-Marvin Rogers, East Hampton CT

I would highly recommend H2O Equipment Company for your well service issues. The consultant that tested my water was very knowledgeable on the solutions to my problem, and the technician did a quick professional installation. My overall experience was very positive and I would definitely use them again.
-David, Hebron CT

I was totally satisfied with the installer of my new water treatment system. Everything was awesome. He explained everything very clearly so I could understand and then explained everything to my husband! He was very efficient, very polite, clean, and left no mess behind.
-Diane Gerhart, East Haddam CT

My water is a lot softer since the installation of my new Water Softener. I wish everyone I had in this house was as nice and informative as the technician from H2O was. I have already referred H2O to others!
-Bill Shultz, Salem CT

I am very happy with the great service I have received from this company. The technician is always prompt in calling her and arriving on time. He is very patient and explains how her water treatment equipment works.
-Lisa Balfanz, South Glastonbury CT

These guys were great! They were unbelievable. It was refreshing; they were so nice, professional, friendly, informative, careful and neat and respected my home. They were just so amazing and you really don’t see that often so I really appreciated it. I just had a new system installed yesterday.
-Pat Kell , Colchester CT

The technician did a great job. He was very professional and we were very happy. He even stayed around after to explain everything. We also used H2O to replace our well pump.
-Marilyn Plympton, Glastonbury CT

My house does not smell like rotten eggs anymore and I can actually have people over! H2O staff was very pleasant, efficient and accurate. Overall I had a great experience and I am glad I had them install the new Sulfur System!
-John Raccio, Killingworth CT

I use H2O at my personal residence. The staff was very knowledgeable and the overall company was great.
-Tom, Middletown CT

We heard about H2O from a friend and also on the internet. They came when they said they would, our water is a lot better already and we can feel the difference with soft water. Everything has been great and we are very pleased.
-Nancy Fargo, Uncasville CT

I was very happy how quickly my new water treatment system was installed. The office was also very helpful and very professional. H2O cares about their customers.
-Michelle Tuthill, Colchester CT

The technician was very nice and explained everything. He was also very neat. I would tell people to call H2O.
-Lori Zis, Lebanon CT

We are very, very happy and everything is perfect now. I was happy with the professionalism and demeanor of the office and staff. It really made me feel confident. The moment H2O installed the Water Softener system, my water quality improved!
-Lindsay Mark, Marlborough CT



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