Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis System Water Treatment in CT

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Featuring the Hellenbrand Millennium Reverse Osmosis System. Also called an RO. It is a drinking water system that is usually installed at your kitchen sink.


  • Removes a wide range of contaminants including sodium, fluoride and more.
  • Saves you a ton of money when compared to bottled water.
  • Most bottled water from the store is RO water with minerals added to it.
  • Designated faucet installed next to your regular kitchen faucet – ask about our different faucet options!

Reverse Osmosis Water System for Pure Water


  • The RO comes with 4 filters:
    • Pre Filter: sediment/carbon block to particles like remove silt, rust, chlorine, taste, odor
    • Membrane: The “brains” of the RO. This removes dissolved solids and other substances from the water and flushes them down the drain, leaving only the purified water
    • Post Filter: Any remaining taste or odor in the water will be filtered by the post carbon filter
    • Polishing Filter: Another carbon filter for a last stage of filtration

A Reverse Osmosis System is a great way to filter your drinking water. We think all families should have this for their kitchen sink.