Always Fresh for Drinking Water

Drinking Water Systems

Featuring the Always Fresh and the Reverse Osmosis.

Both systems are considered a Point of Use System meaning it’s usually installed at your kitchen sink

The first option is…

Reverse Osmosis Water System

The Reverse Osmosis System

  • It removes a wide range of contaminants including sodium, flouride and more.
  • It’s saves you a ton of money when compared to bottled water.
  • Most bottled water from the store is RO water with minerals added to it.
  • It has a designated faucet installed next to your regular kitchen faucet.

The second option is…

The Always Fresh

Drinking Water System for Well Water

Always Fresh Filter

  • It’s a special filter that fits underneath your sink.
  • You don’t need a separate faucet, just run your cold water and it instantly removes many harmful contaminants including MTBE, VOC’s, Lead, Parasites, Cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, chlorine and more.
  • The cartridge filter is so easy to change- even your husband/wife/partner can do it!
  • The filter lasts up to one year for most households.
  • And we can easily connect it to your ice-maker and refrigerator water.
  • It doesn’t remove coliform bacteria or sodium. For bacteria you need an Ultra Violet Light system. And for sodium you need a Reverse Osmosis.


Comparison between the Always Fresh and a Reverse Osmosis

Usually installed at kitchen sink x x
Chlorine x x
Chloramine x x
Particulates x x
Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE) x x
TTHM x x
Turbidity x x
Cysts x x
Lead 6.5 pH x x
Lead 8.5 pH x x
Volatile Organic Chemicals x x
Taste and Odor x x
Uses separate faucet x
Sodium x
Nitrate x
Chlorides x
Flourides x (with booster pump)

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