Iron Filter for Well Water CT

Iron Curtain Filter

Featuring the Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Iron Curtain Junior Series for iron in well water

Exclusive Features of the Iron Curtain Jr.

  • Custom programming to fit your water  chemistry
  • Uses less than $5 of electricity per year
  • Completely automated
  • Digital Display
  • Superior oxidation making iron removal more effective
  • Expanded bed makes the backwash clean better

Iron Systems for Well Water


  • Removes iron from your well water
  • Does not need salt or potassium chloride
  • Stain-free sinks, toilets, showers
  • Enjoy whiter whites and brighter colors in the laundry


Frequently Asked Questions About the Iron Curtain Filter

Iron Filter for CT Well Water

Iron stained washing machine

When can’t we use an Iron Filter?

  • The media inside our Iron Filters is called Birm, and it is picky. It will work most efficiently with iron levels below 5 ppm. Your water must also have a high pH, between 6.8 and 8.5.
  • We recommend this system whenever we can, but most of CT waters have a low pH with low alkalinity which interferes with Birm’s ability to remove iron.
  • Birm does NOT remove hardness.

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