Acid Neutralizer Systems in CT

Acid Neutralizer Defined:

A Neutralizer is a tank with media inside called calcite (calcium carbonate) which neutralizes the acidity in water. This means the pH of the water is raised to a neutral 7. Natural soil has a certain amount of acidity that has aggressive and corrosive tendencies and will eat away at your pipes. In the neutralization process, the acidic water “eats” the calcite instead of your pipes. Neutralizers also backwash to remove dirt, iron, and calcite particles.
Acidic Water in CT

Benefits of an Acid Neutralizer

  • Prevents blue-green stains in your shower, bathtub and sinks
  • Protects your copper pipes and plumbing
  • Removes metallic taste due to acid water
  • Stops your hair from turning blue-green
  • Prevents copper and lead from leaching into your drinking water

Acid Neutralizer for low pH in CT

Neutralizer Features

Featuring the Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Digital Acid Neutralizer

  • Superior system design with Vortech TM distribution
  • Digital display to inform you about system operation
  • Battery backup for power outages with memory chip
  • Uses less than $2 of electricity per year


Frequently Asked Questions About a Water Neutralizer

What causes the blue-green stains?

  • Copper can produce blue-green stains on sinks, shower walls, and bathroom fixtures.Acid Water Neutralizer CT
  • In Connecticut, our well water tends to be acidic and corrosive.
  • As the corrosive water passes through your copper plumbing, it can leach copper off of your pipes and cause blue green stains.
  • It also causes pinhole leaks and thin your copper pipes.

Is acidic water bad for me?

  • Acid water is not considered unhealthy. But the copper that it may leach from your plumbing can be.

Do I need a Water Softener if I have a Neutralizer?

  • A Neutralizer does add some calcium (hardness) to your water, so you may need a Water Softener to then soften the water. It all depends on the acidity and hardness level of the water from your well.

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