Exchange Tanks in CT

Portable Exchange Tanks

If you are tired of lugging salt- this system is for you. We customize your tanks to remove iron, manganese and hardness or to fix acidic water problems.


  • Stain-free sinks, tubs and showers
  • Softer skin and more manageable hair
  • Soaps and shampoos can last 25% longer
  • Increases water heater efficiency up to 29%
  • Extends life of plumbing, dishwasher, water heaters and washing machines
  • Enjoy whiter whites and softer laundry.
  • Protects your pipes from corrosive water that damage your pipes
  • Our route technician will come every 28 days to bring you a fresh tank
  • No drywell needed

Exclusive Features Include

  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Individual bypass valves
  • No salt to buy, lug around or carry
  • Uses no electricity
  • No discharge to worry about. We clean the tanks at our warehouse.
Exchange tanks for well water problems

We will deliver your exchange tank every 28 days!

Frequently Asked Questions about a Portable Exchange Tank

How does the Portable Exchange Tank program work?

  • You rent the tanks on a monthly basis.
  • Our route technician will come to your house every 28 days on a preset schedule.
  • You know one full year in advance when we are coming out!

Once the tank is installed, do I have to do anything?

  • No. We do all the work, you  enjoy the water.

Is there a minimal contract period?

  • Yes, only six months. Then it is month to month. We make it nice and easy.

How do I get started?

  • Call or email us to schedule your free water test and evaluation.
  • We can usually install a portable exchange tank within 1-2 days
  • The installation takes less than one hour!