Whole House Sediment Filter Standard

Whole House Sediment Filters in CT

Solve sediment problems with an in-line Whole House Filter!


  • Protect your plumbing, fixtures and water treatment equipment from troublesome sediment.
  • Can remove a wide range of sediment from your water
  • Specially designed with a built-in water shut off valve for easy filter changes
  • Comes with a special wrench for easy loosening and tightening
  • Will even remove small amounts of odor with a carbon filter insert

Our In-Line Sediment Filters come in two sizes:

  • The Standard Filter for the average household
  • The Big Bertha Filter for flow rate and more surface area

Big Bertha Sediment Water Filters

Big Bertha 25-5 Micron Filters:

  • Used for light color and sediment
  • Has more surface area than regular filters
  • Great for pre-treatment – lightens the load on the rest of your water treatment equipment
  • 25-5 means two different filter microns, both a 25 micron and a 5 micron

Frequently Asked Questions About Sediment Water Filters

How often should I change the filter?Sediment in Well Water

  • Every 3 months or less.
  • If you require more frequent changes, you may have a more serious sediment problem. Call us.

What size micron should I be using?

  • A good place to start is 20 micron.
  • It filters out particles that you can see with the naked eye.
  • Most of our customers use between 10 and 20 microns.

What does micron mean?

  • The size of the sediment it filters is measured in microns. The smaller the number, the finer the particle it will hold back and filter out. The finer the particle, the more frequent you may need to change out the filter.
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