Sulfur System for Sulfur Odor in Water

Sulfur Systems for Odor

Our new Sulfur Curtain Systems from Hellenbrand will instantly eliminate those embarrassing rotten egg sulfur smells. Call us today, so that by tomorrow your water will be odor free!


  • Eliminates embarrassing hydrogen sulfur from your water
  • Doesn’t add any chemicals to your water
  • Your neighbors can come over for a cup of coffee again!


  • Fully automated
  • Self cleaning
  • Uses less then $5 of electricity per year
  • Very simple to use
  • Digital valve
  • Battery Backup
  • Memory chip
  • No salt or chemicals to lug from the store

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Catalytic Carbon System

How long does the carbon last?

Eliminate Odor with a Water Carbon System

  • Usually one year. But it really depends on how much sulfur you have in your water and how much water will pass through the carbon.

How will I know when it’s time to change out the carbon tank?

  • When the odor returns! We can usually re-bed or “swap” out the tank within a day or two’s notice.

What is the warranty coverage?

  • Five year warranty coverage on the valve against manufacturer’s defects (does not include parts that become worn from usage)
  • Ten year warranty against manufacturer’s defects on the media tank (does not include the media itself)

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