Well Pump Replacement

Well Pump Replacement in CT

well pump replacement

No Water?

  • H2O has been installing well pumps in CT since 1967
  • We can get your water back TODAY!
  • Most of the time, we can re-use your well pipe and well wire – to save you money

We install:

  • Submersible Pumps – Sta-Rite brand. Learn more about our Submersible Pumps
  • Jet Pumps – Goulds brand. Learn more about our Jet Pumps

Quick Tips:

  • Check the pump breaker. Flip the breaker off and on just to be sure you have a good connection.
  • Check the fuse. Make sure it is good, and screwed in tightly.
  • Did you fill your pool or power wash and run out of water?
  • If yes, then turn OFF your pump at the breaker box and let your well recover for at least two hours. Then turn your pump back on.
  • If you have a sediment filter, temporarily remove the filter then run water again.
  • Check your toilets. Many times they stick and can run the well dry. Shut the pump off for two hours and then turn it back on and see if the well recovers.
  • Put your water treatment system in bypass. Is the water pressure better? If yes, call us to schedule service.
  • Check your grey pressure switch box. You may have a low flow shut-off that needs to be reactivated.

Sumbersible Pump Replacement


  • After a well pump replacement – run your water outside until the water runs clean and clear
  • This will protect your inside plumbing and your water treatment equipment. Otherwise, you may experience costly repairs!

Call us now for Well Pump Service! You will be amazed how fast we can replace your private Well Pump.

We have over 45 years of experience in Connecticut!