Upflow Neutralizer

Upflow Neutralizer for Acidic Water

Upflow Neutralizer for acidic water

Featuring the Upflow Neutralizer for low pH (acidic water). Used only with water that tests free of iron.



  • Non-backwashing
  • Requires no electricity
  • Eliminate future blue green stains
  • Avoid future pin-hole leaks in your plumbing

Upflow Neutralizer for Blue Green Stains in Water

Features of an Upflow Neutralizer

  • An Upflow has no valve. Your well water simply flows through the tank and the media inside neutralizes the acid.
  • Used for water with NO iron. The system does not backwash, so it could not clean itself of the iron, and your water pressure would be low and the tank would get too dirty.

Upflow Neutralizer in CT