Water Treatment and Testing in Windham County, CT

Water is something you simply cannot live without. You need safe drinking water and a reliable water supply for cleaning, cooking, and for your family and pets. H2O Equipment in Windham County and the surrounding area is here to support you through all of the water services we provide.

Since 1967, our professional and friendly technicians team has been helping the community have cleaner and safer water. We provide water treatment services to assist all your water quality needs, including providing you with the best water softener Connecticut can offer.

Water Testing in Windham County

As water travels from its source to your home, it is not uncommon to pick up contaminants and other impurities along the way. Sometimes these contaminants can cause your water to develop a less than pleasant taste or smell. Other times, you may not even know there are contaminants in your water until you schedule our Windham County water testing services.

H2O Equipment provides free water testing in Windham to help ensure you are drinking the best quality water possible. If our testing finds a problem with your water, such as acid water, iron, hard water, manganese, pH issues, sediment, or sulfur, we can help you choose the best water treatment plan for your needs.

Significant Benefits of Treating Your Water

When treating your home or well water, you will experience the benefits listed below.

It Saves You Money: Water treatment saves you more money despite the initial expense of treating your water. By treating your water or adding a water softener system, you can avoid replacing your household appliances, lower your energy bills, keep your wardrobe looking fresh, and avoid buying expensive solutions for itchy, irritated skin and hair that is not manageable.

It Protects Your Health: It is not safe to continually digest specific contaminants found in your water, such as coliform bacteria. This can lead to health problems down the line. Treating your water will prevent these contaminants from affecting you and your family.

It Protects the Environment: One of the most efficient ways to reduce your carbon footprint is reducing your plastic usage. By treating your water, you will cut back on your plastic water bottle use. In addition, hard water buildup can cause your appliances to run far less efficiently and to need replacement before they’ve reached their expected lifespan. Water treatment can help you reduce your energy and appliance consumption.

Well Water Services

If your property has a well, H2O Equipment can provide you with an evaluation to check if your equipment, such as your well tank and well pump, is up to standards and running efficiently. Our evaluation can benefit new property owners who may not know where their well pump is or property owners who want to ensure their water pressure is not too low.

Keeping up with maintenance on all your property’s equipment – including pressure tanks, well water filters, and other water treatment systems – will guarantee the best water quality for your home. Then, well water treatment can ensure the water is free of minerals and safe for your family.

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