Water Treatment and Testing in Tolland County, CT

Water is among the most basic of human needs. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it helps you accomplish vital tasks like bathing, cooking, and caring for plants and pets. Safe and clean water should be readily available in order for your appliances to run smoothly, keep your clothing and home clean, and your skin and hair healthy. When water problems and contaminants show in your residential water supply, H2O Equipment Company is here to help.

If you're a resident of Tolland County, water testing is important to ensure the best water quality for your home. If your water test shows levels above the recommended limits, we can recommend water treatment options. H20 Equipment's team of expert technicians has been providing exceptional water services to Tolland County for over 50 years.


Water Treatment and Water Testing in Tolland County

Untreated water can wreak havoc on your life. Contaminated water can be harmful to your health, and other water problems such as sulfur and iron can smell or taste bad and cause staining in your fixtures. It is very important to get your water tested and find treatment options for any water issues you may be experiencing. At H2O Equipment, we offer free water testing for minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sediment, sulfur, or pH imbalances. We can also pull a water sample to test at a laboratory to identify any contaminants, such as bacteria or radon.

H2O can perform water testing, well pump and tank inspection, and identify water problems and recommend water treatment. Below are some of the common situations we will find in a home.

Bad Taste or Smell: Two of the most apparent indicators that there may be something wrong with your water is a bad taste or smell. In many cases, this could be caused by excess sulfur. H2O Equipment can treat sulfur issues with our sulfur systems without adding any chemicals to your water.

Spots or Stains: If you start to notice any spots or discoloration in your shower, bath, toilets, and other fixtures, it is time to get your water tested. Ignoring these signs could cause mineral, rust, and sediment buildup in appliances to appliances. This will cause them to perform less efficiently and may need to be replaced.

A New House: If you have recently moved, it is important to get your water tested at the home you are purchasing. A technician can pull a lab sample and contact you with the results. We can also ensure all existing equipment in the home is operating correctly, or recommend new equipment depending on your water test results.

Preventative Maintenance

Our well water services help guarantee that your water equipment is in working order. At H2O Equipment, we can identify and repair water pressure issues and even improve your water pressure in your home in Tolland County with a booster pump. In addition, we can diagnose any water pump issues or pressure tank issue, and provide well casing extensions for buried wells to improve sanitation. We inspect and repair pressure tanks, well pumps, standard tanks, well water filters, water treatment systems, and more to provide clean water.

Contact Us in Tolland County

Don't wait until a well water emergency, or for your water to cause damage to your fixtures or your basement. You can request a free water test, set up an appointment for one of our water treatment services, or learn more about owning a treatment system, like a water softener. Contact H2O Equipment in Tolland County today.