3 Ways to Test Your Drinking Water for Uranium

Since uranium has no smell, taste, odor or color – the only way to know IF it is in your water is to have your water professionally tested. 

water testing uranium

Testing Options:

  1. Bring the sample yourself to a certified laboratory. Many labs will even supply you with a free sampling bottle and instructions. Usually you will run cold water at the kitchen sink, put about 2-3 cups of cold water in a plastic bottle (they may accept a clean water bottle) and bring the sample to the lab within 24 hours. Fees vary. 
  2. Schedule a water uranium water test with your favorite Water Treatment Professional like H2O Equipment Company. We will come to your house at a convenient time, collect the sample, and bring it to the lab for a reasonable fee.
  3. Arrange for the certified laboratory to collect the sample at your home. Fees and time vary. 

Results usually take several days. In CT, the MCL or Maximum Contaminant Level is 30 micrograms (30 ug/l). If your water test comes back higher than that, you should consider installing a water treatment system. Check out our blog: “How Do I Remove Uranium from My Water?

After you receive your water test results, give us a call. We will review your water test with you line by line so that you understand how to read your lab test results and what your options are.