Who Wants to Buy a Water Softener?

Who Wants to Buy a Water Softener?

Let’s face it. A Water Softener is not a luxury car, a new tablet, or a big screen TV. You may not rush your friends down into your basement to show them that new Water Softener. But, hold on. That Water Softener could be one of the smartest purchases you will make.

Why? Because a Water Softener saves you money and time. First, it does triple duty and removes hardness, iron and manganese. That troublesome trio can really stain your laundry, clog your pipes, and make your skin and hair feel dry, dull and unmanageable. Hard water leaves deposits of white scale on everything it touches. It even clogs your shower head and makes your diamonds look dull! Plus, hard water deposits break down the fibers in your clothing, create soap scum which is hard to clean, and reduces your other appliance’s efficiency.

In fact,  according to a study conducted by the Water Quality Research Council, water heaters on hard water required about 25% more Btu’s to heat the water.  This could cause your water heater to fail faster.

For their report, check out their link: www.wqa.org/pdf

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