Get Low Salt Level Alerts For Your Water Softener With EZsalt

low salt sensor water softener

You realize one morning your water doesn’t feel as soft as it should, or that there is some orange staining forming on your shower walls and remember that it has been some time since you checked the salt level for your water softener.

You trek down to the basement to discover the brine tank is completely empty of salt! 

You know it’s important to never let your softener run out of salt, but it’s so easy to lose track of time, and softeners are often “out of sight, out of mind.” 

Fortunately, now there is the EZSalt Sensor to help never run out of salt again. This small, simple device installs on the lid of your brine tank and uses a laser to monitor how much salt is inside. When it drops below a certain level, it will send a message direct to your phone or tablet letting you know it’s time to add more salt! 

Or if you want to be completely hands off, the Ezsalt Sensor can send the reminder directly to H2O Equipment Company, and we can set up a salt delivery and fill your brine tank for you! No more lugging awkward, heavy salt bags. 

If your softener regenerates without salt, it is not able to properly clean itself. This means it becomes incapable of removing hardness, manganese and iron from your water. This can lead to breakthrough iron staining or white, crusty hardness deposits. It can contribute to scaling inside of your plumbing, furnace, hot water heater and other appliances.

If you are interested in this handy little device H2O Equipment Company would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us today and cross one more thing off your “to do” list!

ezsalt for water softener


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