How Long Does A Well Pressure Tank Last?

A quality well pressure tawell pressure tanknk will last 10-15 years – or even longer. Cheap tanks will last maybe 5 years or less.

The difference is in the quality of the bladder inside the tank and the external service connector.

The bladder holds the water inside the tank. During water usage the bladder fills up and empties out. This happens 20+ times a day. Over time the bladder becomes weak and breaks. Cheaper tanks use cheaper bladders which break prematurely.

The other inferior area is the service connector – where the household plumbing connects to the well tank. Quality tanks have metal service connectors. Cheap tanks use plastic – which can prematurely crack and break. And flood your basement.

Additionally, iron, sediment, and chlorine adversely shorten the lifespan of the bladder. Not much you can do about that since you can’t treat the water before it enters your well tank.

Finally, undersized tanks break more often because they are usually too small for the job. A 20-gallon tank is almost always too small. Your installer should size the tank size to the pump capacity. If they aren’t talking about that – find someone else to do the job.

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