How Often Should I Change My Sediment Filter?

whole house sediment filter

Every 3 months is a good place to start. But every well is different, and water quality can change depending on the time of year, weather, and water usage.

Change your filter when you notice a decrease in water pressure, or (if applicable) your sulfur odor returns. Do not be concerned if your filter looks “dirty,” even if you just replaced it! You are seeing all the iron, sediment and muck that would otherwise end up in your plumbing, water treatment equipment, and fixtures.

If you are replacing your filter too frequently there are few things to consider:

How much water are you using?

  • The more water you use, the more sediment passes through the filter, clogging it.
  • Check your home for any dripping faucets or stuck toilets.
  • You would be surprised how much extra water they waste

Have you had well work done recently?

  • Any well work done can stir up sediment and mud, causing the water to run dirtier than normal for days to sometimes weeks after the work was performed.
  • If this is the case the only cure is reduced water usage (allowing the muck to settle) and patience

Have you replaced your pressure tank recently?

  • If so, the water from the tank would have been drained out, which can cause the tank to “burp” all the sediment that has collected from years of use into your plumbing.
  • You may have to replace the filter a few times until it clears up.

Has there been a lot of rain or draught recently?

  • Too much rain can stir up silt and sand in wells, causing your water to run dirtier than normal.
  • In a time of draught water tables can drop, altering the quality coming into your home.

Are you using a 10 micron or less filter?

  • If you are, consider switching to a dual gradient filter to maximize how much sediment you can catch along with filter life.
  • If you go to a larger micron size be aware you increase the risk of sediment entering your home.

While the cost of filters may seem high at first, consider it against the possibility of replacing hot water heaters, cleaning clogged pipes and swapping fouled water treatment equipment tanks. Filters can usually be purchased at case discounts, ensuring you always have one on hand.

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