How To Remove Uranium From Well Water?

There are only TWO accepted AND practical ways recognized by the EPA to remove uranium from your water: 

  1. Reverse Osmosis – (RO)
  2. Ion Resin System

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverses Osmosis – aka RO System – is like a water filter on steroids. It can remove a wide range of contaminants such as uranium from your water at the SUB-micron level (super small). The RO system contains special filters and a membrane that filter the uranium out of your water.

Big RO or Little RO

There are two types of RO systems. There is a small RO system that is installed at your kitchen sink OR a very large RO system that is installed to filter your entire house.

Reverse osmosis uranium waterWhen installed at your kitchen sink it is called a “Point of Use” RO system, aka POU RO.  

If it is installed to treat the whole house it is called a “Point of Entry” RO system, aka POE RO.

A POU RO at the kitchen sink is about 80% LESS expensive than the Whole House RO. It’s very affordable and very effective at removing uranium but the POU RO does NOT treat the entire home. And the whole house RO system is usually well over $10,000.  Instead, we recommend ….

The Whole House Anion System for Uranium

The most affordable and effective way to remove uranium from your entire home is with an Anion System. 

uranium water treatment

This system is very similar to a water softener but is designed and built with a special material specifically for uranium. 

It is installed where the water enters your home. The biggest benefit is that is treats your ENTIRE HOUSE including your drinking, cooking, bathing, showering, and cleaning water and is significantly more affordable than a whole house RO system.

Maintenance requires monthly salt level checks by you (just like a water softener), a yearly tune-up by a water treatment specialist, and an anion tank changeout every few years. 

Your Anion System MUST be sized properly based on uranium levels. This is CRITICAL. Some companies use a “one size fits all” but this could lead to serious consequences. The more “stuff” you have in your water, the larger a unit you will need. Water testing and sizing are VERY important. 

Call us to discuss your concerns and the best treatment options for your home.