How To Manually Regenerate a Fleck 5600 Softener

Learn how to manually regenerate (also called backwash) your Fleck 5600 Softener with this simple explanation and video tutorial!


Turn the knob located in the middle of the valve clockwise. You will heard two clicks. Once you hear the clicks, you should see the words “Regen” in the cutout. Now, your Softener will instantly begin regenerating.

Do not use the water for the 2 hours it takes to backwash the system. When the backwash is finished, the cutout will read “In Service”.

Important Points:

  • Make sure you grab the KNOB (with the metallic stripe) and nothing else
  • After the CLICK, CLICK, you will NOT always hear water running right away – that is normal
  • When you turn the knob, make sure you see the word “Regen”
  • If you go too far, just rotate the same knob all the way around the the HOME position. This is the normal position. That is when the cut-out is in the 9 am position and it says “In Service” or “Service”
  • Now start again with the two clicks
  • Remember – do NOT use water during the 2 hour long backwash cycle (technically about 90 minutes)
  • NOTE: Typically, your Softener is programmed to backwash on its own starting at 2 am.

Salt Tips:

Make sure you have DISSOLVED salt in the salt tank. If you just added salt because you were out, it hasn’t had time to dissolve. The salt needs to dissolve in water for TWO hours (4 hours is best). If there is NO water in your tank, add SIX gallons and then wait TWO hours before putting it through a regeneration.