How to Manually Regenerate Your ProMate 6 Water Softener

Learn how to manually regenerate (also called a backwash) your Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Softener (or Neutralizer) with our simple explanation and video tutorial.

To Set Unit to Backwash Tonight:

Press and hold the “Regen” for 1-2 seconds only. You will see “Regen Today” flash on the display screen. The unit will begin it’s backwash at its regularly programmed time (typically 2AM for a Water Softener).

Note: For a Softener, the unit will fill the brine tank with water at midnight to allow the salt time to dissolve.

To Begin Backwash Immediately:

Press and hold the “REGEN” button for 5-6 seconds. The unit will begin to “whir” and start a countdown for the first step of the backwashing process.

For a Water Softener, the first step the unit is to fill the brine tank with water and let it dissolve the salt for 90 minutes. You can use water in your home during this step. After 90 minutes has passed the rest of the cycle will take an additional 90 minutes. Water cannot be used in the home during this time.