No Water? Follow These Steps!

CT Water Treatment Company - PuppyNo Water? Six Quick Checks You Can Do Right Now!

If you are on well water, there’s nothing worse than suddenly being out of water. We speak from experience with customers who call after taking a shower and their water runs out!

Here are some quick checks you can do yourself:

  1. Check your breaker. It’s usually a larger 220 volt breaker. Flip it on-off-on.
  2. Change your sediment filter. Even if you recently did, it could still be clogged.
  3. Check your pressure gauge. If its reading “0”, the pump may be bad.
  4. Put any water treatment in bypass. If water returns, this is likely the source and you may need service.
  5. Check your toilet. If it’s running, this could have run your well dry.
  6. Re-activate your low pressure switch (if you have one)

We are happy to help over the phone when you run out of water. Once we have gone through the steps above, we will recommend having a technician come out to diagnose and fix the issue.

Most homeowners run their well pump and well tank until they fail, without knowing there could be something wrong. A few simple tests can provide a lot of information and help prolong the life of your well tank and well pump:

  • Amps
  • Ohms
  • Air pressure test
  • Pump cycle times

The CT Department of Public Health recommends a yearly well chlorination which can help control for coliform bacteria and other biological growths such as iron, manganese and sulfur.

So call a professional BEFORE your next no-water shower!