How To Reset the Timer on a Fleck 5600 Softener

Setting the proper time of day is easy on your Fleck 5600 Water Softener. Whether you have a metered valve (counts down the gallons of water) or a daywheel valve like a Neutralizer (counts down the number of days), the process is exactly the same!

*Important! DO NOT TOUCH the central knob (on either valve) when resetting the time of day!*

  1. Press the red button with one finger. This will allow the black toothed gear around the outside of the central knob to spin.
  2. While the red button is pressed, use one finger only to spin the toothed gear until the proper time of day appears in the window above the arrow marked “Time of Day” (the “a” after the number stands for AM)
  3. Release the red button. Make sure the gears on the red button are connected with those on the black wheel.

Additional Tips and Information

Remember, if your valve looks a little different than the one above, do not worry. You may have a Daywheel valve, which means your unit regenerates based upon how much time has passed instead of how many gallons of water you used. The process to reset the time of day is exactly the same!

If you do accidentally move the large central knob, not to worry. This knob controls the regeneration process of your water softener. Simply spin the knob in the clockwise direction until you see the words “In Service” displayed in the knob’s window.

fleck 5600 daywheel valve
Fleck 5600 daywheel valve