What Salt Should I Use For My Water Softener

Common Water Softener salt options include:

Solar Salt for Water SoftenerSolar Salt Crystals

Morton is a common brand, but there are others. This type of salt is basically dehydrated ocean water, so it may contain some impurities and debris. Usually comes in a blue bag, and is pretty inexpensive.

Salt PelletsWater Softener Salt Pellets


There are several brands that make pellets. They are round, and more refined and pure than Solar Salt. Usually comes in a yellow bag, a bit more expensive than Solar Salt. For this type of salt, be sure to only fill the brine tank half full, as these can “rock up” and cause bridging in the brine (salt) tank. If you don’t have high iron in your water, we recommend the Salt Pellets for your Water Softener. We sell them here at our office, but you can also find them at some hardware stores.



Salt Pellets with Rust Remover

These are just like regular pellets but with Rust Remover for an extra cleaning. It is more expensive due to the Rust Remover. Usually comes in a green bag. If you have iron in your water, we recommend salt that has either iron out, rust remover or rust out in it. These salts have an extra cleaning agent that helps to clean the water softener beads.

Potassium for Water SoftenerPotassium Chloride (KCL)

This is a “salt-free” option. It is the best choice if you are be on a low sodium diet, because it will add potassium (K) to the water instead of sodium (Na).


Don’t feel overwhelmed with the salt choices. They will all work and you can even mix them up if you need to switch from one brand or type to another. But, we do recommend the pellets.

And remember to keep salt in your salt tank at all times! Without salt in the salt tank, your Water Softener will not work.