Can a Softener Remove Manganese and Magnesium?

Yes! A residential Water Softener does more than just soften water. It will also remove manganese and magnesium.Manganese in Drinking Water in Connecticut


Manganese is a naturally occurring element that is almost always found in iron-bearing waters. When the dissolved manganese is heated, or exposed to air or chlorine like in your washing machine or your dishwasher, you may see the following:

  • Dark brown or black stains in fixtures
  • Black tint to the water
  • Purple tint (usually when exposed to chlorine)

Although manganese usually travels with iron and can be removed with a Softener, additional methods of removal include “oxidation and filtration” commonly known as a Birm System, a Greensand, or with a specialty blend of media found in Hellenbrand’s Iron Curtain. These are commonly used if you have a pH greater than 7.

Magnesium Removed by Water SoftenerMagnesium:

Magnesium is also an element, and it is one of the more common rocks that helps to create hard water, which produces that white scale you often see on your shower head or shower walls. A Softener will remove the scale-forming magnesium and calcium bicarbonates.