What Causes Low Water Pressure?

low water pressure

Based on our 50 + years of experience, here’s what we have found about low water pressure:

  • Clogged Sediment Filters – most standard size filters can impede pressure. A bigger filter gives you more filtering properties AND better flow rates. Try a “Big Bertha” or “Big Blue” with a dual gradient insert. We like the 25/5 micron.
  • Pressure Switches set too low – most submersible pumps should have the pressure set for 40/60. Next time you have your water treatment serviced, have the technician check your settings.
  • Clogged Aeration Screens – those little screens at the end of your faucets can get clogged with sediment and even food (for all of you messy cooks!). Unscrew them and give them a good cleaning.
  • Iron Bacteria – If you have iron in your water, you could have iron bacteria too which forms gelatinous colonies that clog pipes, pumps, and water treatment equipment. Look for slimy, orange or rainbow colored growth in your toilet, colored water and foul smelling. Or some combination.
  • Neglected Water Treatment Equipment – especially Acid Neutralizers and Birm units. They really need attention every year, just like your furnace.