Water Softener – Salt or No Salt?

Salt or No Salt Water Softeners

We know you don’t want to buy salt for your water softener. But the truth is, there isn’t anything better on the market yet that treats hard water as effectively. I say “yet” because the technology is coming. When? Who knows. And who ever figures that out is going to make a ton of money.  Let’s face it- who wants to tell their customer it’s great fun lugging a 40-50 pound bag of salt to their basement? And who wants to spend the extra money for salt? But for now, love that salt.

Soft water does save you money!

  • You use a lot less soap
  • It’s better for appliances…hard water produces scale which reduces efficiency
  • It makes water heaters more efficient
  • Your skin feels softer
  • Your hair feels softer and more manageable…ladies with colored hair know this is important!

The “no salt systems” do not have the scientific backing to prove they work to remove hard water. We will let you know when the next evolution in hard water treatment is here for real. Stay tuned.