Why Is My Water Sputtering? – Air In Your Water Pipes

air in water pipes

You wake up one morning and go down to the kitchen sink to fill your coffee pot with water to start the day. You turn the handle on the faucet and instead of water, a burst of air comes out. It probably only lasts a moment or two before the water eventually starts flowing, but this could be an indication of something going on in your well or water treatment equipment.

Reasons for Air in the Pipes

There are a few reasons you may get that sputtering, foamy, bubbly water when you turn on the tap. Some of them are normal, while others could be a cause for concern.

Water Treatment System

Some water treatment equipment needs air to work properly. If you have a Catalytic Carbon system for sulfur odor, or a Birm system for red water iron, it is not uncommon to have air in your lines. Micronizers can also cause this effect. If you have any questions about what kind of system you have, do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to go over your equipment with you.

Leak in Your Well

If you do not have any of this equipment, then the air in your lines could indicate a leak in your well. Water may be draining out of your well pipe, creating a bubble of air in your lines. When you turn your water on and the pump sends water up your pipes, it will push this air bubble out your faucet. This will cause the sputtering, hissing and spitting before water flows normally.

Problems Caused By Air in Your Pipes

This air can be more than annoying. If it gets into your water treatment equipment, it can “pop” the media out of the tanks and into your household plumbing, clogging pipes and fixtures.

The leak can also cause your well pump to turn on when no one is using water, shortening its lifespan. As the water drains out of your pipes, the pressure in the lines will drop, signaling your pressure tank to turn on the well pump to build the pressure back up.

H2O Equipment Company is able to quickly diagnose these issues. If you think this may be happening to you, please contact us to set up an appointment. A simple leak can become more, resulting in no water coming out of your kitchen faucet to fill your coffee pot one morning!