Water Turning Your Hair Green?

Hard Water Turning Hair GreenSome of us have had the unpleasant surprise of green hair.  The main cause of green hair is from dissolved copper in your water. Just like the beautiful green patina of copper planters in your garden, the copper in your water binds to your hair and turns it green. If you have blonde hair, it can be very noticeable!

What to do? If you can, get rid of the copper in your water. If you are on well water, you may have a low pH problem which means your water is acidic. Acidic water eats away at your pipes. So, you may a bigger problem than just your hair.
Have your water treatment company test for pH.

Does chlorine turn my hair green? Actually, the chlorine itself does not. Chlorine can be pretty aggressive, and bleach may be the chemical that leaches the metals, in this case copper, from pipes or plumbing fixtures. But ultimately, it is the copper that gives you the Kermit effect.

According to some local hair stylists, if pool water is your problem, you can also try to “coat your hair” with conditioners before you go into the water. It works pretty well!