Waterlogged Pressure Tank Definition

A waterlogged pressure tank means that the bladder inside the tank, which separates the water from the air, is broken and there is now too much water in the tank.

Connecticut Well Pressure Tank

Normally, your pressure tank contains 30% water and 70% air. When your pump turns on, it fills the bladder with water. If the bladder is broken, too much water enters the tank and eventually the air gets depleted.

A tank that is waterlogged will have a 50/50 ratio, or even worse, 90-100% water and NO air.  This causes your pump to short cycle. This means your pump is turning on and off way too often!

Can a waterlogged tank be fixed? No. But you can drain the water out of the tank and add a pocket of air. This will temporarily create a water/air ratio.  This pocket of air will only last 3-12 months. Eventually the air will be absorbed into the water and short cycle your pump again. Without that proper air/water ratio, your pump turns on and off excessively and overheats your pump, leading to premature pumWaterlogged Well Water Pressure Tankp failure.

Other problems from a waterlogged tank include:

  • Poor water pressure
  • Possible basement flooding – as the tank becomes more corroded
  • Taste and odor problems – these can develop from stagnant water inside the tank, coliform bacteria, and oil slicks from the broken bladder.

Your best solution is to replace the waterlogged pressure tank to protect your pump, basement and drinking water.