Well Water Quality CAN Change!

Seasonal Changes for Well Water

This may be surprising to you. Many people think their well water will remain exactly the same, and that they have the same water as their neighbors. But it’s not that simple.

Well water is influenced by many things such as:

  • Seasonal changes –  decaying leaves, rain, snow
  • Rainfall /Drought – effects the amount of water in your well
  • Flooding – can allow surface water and even septic water to contaminate your well
  • Lightning strikes – can disturb the ground and impact the water supply
  • Barometric Pressure – rainy days mean lower pressure and can allow gases such as hydrogen sulfide to release from your water, which causes odor
  • Nitrates and Nitrates – old farms that were residentially developed could have lingering fertilizers in the soil that could take years to work their way into your well
  • Bacteria–  can be introduced through soil, surface water, air, pump work, well work or just mother nature
  • Inactive Wells– can be a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Development – any ground disturbances such as major landscaping, development, construction, or new homes can impact your water chemistry AND water levels in your well

A happy well is a safe well. Have your water tested every year. Your local water treatment company can tell you what to test for. And if you do notice any change in taste, color, odor, or volume, you should call immediately. Unfortunately, it is rare that well water changes for the better.

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