UltraViolet Light System for Bacteria

Are you sure your well water is bacteria free?

A UV system is the ONLY system that can protect you and your family from harmful bacteria and viruses. Disinfect Bacteria in your Well Water with a UV System.

UV System for Bacteria in Water

Trojan UV Max D4


  • Destroys microorganisms like Giardia, E.coli, Coliform Bacteria and Cryptosporidium
  • Purifies your water for the entire home
  • Chemical free – no chemicals added to your water
  • Gives you peace of mind that your water is safe

Featuring the Trojan UV Max

  • The UV light destroys the microorganisms
  • The special light bulb needs only a yearly replacement
  • There is a built- in alarm that lets you know when it’s time to replace the bulb
  • The UV is installed in your basement

For peak performance, the UV system requires clean and clear water. You first need to remove any iron and hardness (treated with a Water Softener) and sediment (treated with a Whole House Sediment Filter) from the water.

View this free download for well water disinfection myths related to bacteria.

Disinfection Myths for Well Water

Frequently Asked Questions about an Ultra Violet Light System

What is the maintenance on a UV system?
Ultraviolet Light System for Well Water

  • Replace the UV bulb once a year. The alarm will notify you when it is time.

Will it treat my entire home?

  • Yes. It treats your whole house.

What is the warranty coverage?

  • Three year manufacturers warranty against defects on the power supply and allRemove Bacteria with UV Water System electrical components
  • Ten year manufacturers warranty against defects on the stainless steel water chamber
  • One year manufacturers warranty against defects on the UV lamp and sensors

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